Our Hiring Process

To be part of our team, here is what one can expect from our hiring process:

  • First, we will review an applicant’s profile and see if it matches the role they are applying for.
  • Next, we will invite them to take some online assessments to evaluate their skills and personality.
  • Then, we will conduct an initial interview at our recruitment center to get to know them better and discuss the role in detail.
  • After that, we will schedule a final interview with the hiring manager or the client.
  • If they pass the final interview, we will conduct a background check and make a job offer.
  • Finally, we will welcome our new team member to our onboarding process and help them get started.

Our Training Process

We’re in the communication industry and staying connected with our consumers is what we do.

Training, mentorship, role-playing, and side-by-side monitoring, combined with a participative management approach, help us prepare our agents.

Evaluations will be used to assess and evaluate our agents and client interactions.

Integrated Virtual Outsourcing Services Corp has a 3-stage creation and approval process for all procedures affecting data security.

First Stage: Documentation Management (Maintenance)

Second Stage: Process and Compliance Management (Authors)

Final Stage: Senior Director, Business Excellence & Compliance (Final Sign-Off)

The procedures include:

  • Clear Desk and Clear Screen Policy
  • Visitor Management Process
  • Business Continuity Plans Including Weather Issues
  • Sustainable Power Supply
  • Threats of evacuation

Site Security Measures:

  • Data Privacy Policy
  • Paperless Environment
  • Electronic Device Policy
  • Location Security (Ortigas Center – Central Business District)
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